Fostoria American Oil & Stopper - 7 oz.

Oil & D Stopper – 7 oz.

Oils & Mayonnaises

Item Number:  531
Approximate Size:  7″ H – 7 oz.
Production Dates:  1915-1970

Fostoria Glass made two Oil & Stoppers in the American pattern.  The piece featured in this post is the largest size made.  It holds approximately 1-2 more ounces than the smaller version.  The height measurement is referring to the total height of the piece, with the D Stopper in place.

Fostoria sometimes used abbreviations in their product descriptions; thus, the “D” Stopper simply refers to a “Drop Stopper”.  These type of stoppers allow for a repeated, consistent, and accurate dispensing of oil – one drop at a time, or in a stream.  The stoppers were available with clear glass, or with a “frosted” look.  The frosted stoppers are officially described as “Ground Stoppers”.  A buyer had a choice between the two, and the ground variety was more expensive.

One of the sets that the American pattern offered was a 6-Piece Condiment Set.  The set included two 5 oz. Oils, two Shakers (FGT), one Mustard/Cover & Spoon, and one 9″ Condiment Tray.  The 6-Piece Condiment Set; however, was never sold with the larger 7 oz. oil cruets.  Some books state that these larger pieces won’t fit on the Condiment Tray.  I believe that “most” of them won’t fit, but I do know that some will.  The piece featured in this post does fit the indented wells on the Condiment Tray, and I use it as such.  In summary, the larger Oils were not sold in the official 6-Pc Condiment Set, but it is possible to find some that will fit the 9″ Condiment Tray.

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