Fostoria | American | Tid Bit Set w/ Metal Handle

Tid Bit w/ Metal Handle

Plates, Tortes, & Tid Bits

Item Number:  P-07
Height:  10½”
Production Dates:  1933-1943

Fostoria | American | Tid Bit HandleI have included the Tid Bit in the Plates, Platters & Trays category as well, simply because the set is made with plates.  The plates that were used were the 9″ and 10½” Sandwich Plates.

Fostoria Glass drilled a hole into the plates to accommodate the metal handle.  The handle is a classic shape, which looks very much like a question mark.  It is the same-shaped handle that is used in the Handled Cake Tray.  It is possible to find homemade sets, where the homeowner drilled the plates.  Many times; however, they would use other plates – such as Dinner Plates, and not the Sandwich Plates that were used in the original Tid Bit Set.

It is easy to distinguish an American Tid Bit from a homemade version.  Look at the handle.  It should look like this classic metal one, with a chrome finish.  Many times the homemade and/or handcrafted ones from online retailers will use a different shaped handle.

Look at the plates.  Are they regular plates, or Sandwich Plates?  What are their sizes?  Remember, the Fostoria Tid Bit Set used two different-sized plates.

Some homemade versions look rather nice; however, if you are wanting to be sure you are buying a genuine Tid Bit that was produced by Fostoria Glass, look for the tell-tale signs I mentioned above.  I will also add that the Fostoria Glass Company did use other types of handles for other patterns; however, for the American 2056 line, the classic question mark handle is the only one they used.

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