Fostoria American Glassware - Line #2056

Handled Cake Tray (Metal Handle)

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Fostoria | American | Handled Cake Tray

This is the Fostoria American Handled Cake Tray (with a metal handle).  While it is called a Cake Tray, it can be used to serve a variety of other foods, other than cake.  It has an approximate diameter of 10½” and has a shiny metal handle in the center of the plate tray. The metal handle is substantial, and looks somewhat like a question mark.

Unlike some of the other Fostoria American cake stands and servers, this piece was produced for only about 10 years.  It was produced in the mid-1930’s to mid-1940’s.  An older piece of the Fostoria American pattern, it will not be as plentiful on the open market … but still, one can usually buy the Handled Cake Tray without too much difficulty.

My fascination with this particular variation of the Fostoria American cake servers is that it is different, with a chrome-like metal handle that shines – and a plate tray that reflects light and color brilliantly.  It is beautiful and elegant … but understated.  Perfect for just about any occasion – formal, or otherwise.

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