Fostoria American Glassware - Line #2056

Handled Cake Tray (Metal Handle)

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Fostoria | American | Handled Cake Tray with Metal Handle

Description:  Handled Cake Tray
with Metal Handle
Item Number:  #T-10
Diameter:  10½”
Production Dates:  1934-1943

This is the Fostoria American Handled Cake Tray (with a metal handle).  While it is called a Cake Tray, it can be used to serve a variety of other foods, other than cake.  It has an approximate diameter of 10½” and has a shiny metal handle in the center of the plate tray. The metal handle is substantial, and looks somewhat like a question mark.

Unlike some of the other Fostoria American cake stands and servers, this piece was only produced for about a decade.  An older piece of the Fostoria American pattern, it will not be as plentiful on the open market … but still, one can usually buy the Handled Cake Tray without too much difficulty.

Fostoria | American | Handled Cake Tray with Metal HandleMy fascination with this particular version of the Fostoria American cake servers is that it is different.  It has a chrome metal handle that shines, and a plate tray that reflects light and color brilliantly.  It is beautiful and elegant … but understated.  Perfect for just about any occasion – formal, or otherwise.

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