Fostoria American Shaker "W" Top w/ Silver Overlay

Shaker, “W” Top – Silver Overlay

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From the collection of Dennis and Pat Early
Photo Credit:  Dennis and Pat Early

This is a unique shaker, and worthy of sharing.  Underneath the overlay is a Fostoria American Shaker, with a “W” Top.  This particular style of shaker is not common.  One rarely sees them online, or even at estate auctions and antique stores.  Since they are over 100 years old, and rather difficult to find … imagine your excitement if you were to stumble across one with a beautiful silver overlay.  Well, that is exactly what happened to Dennis and Pat Early.

The silver overlay treatment is mainly applied to the edges of the cubes, and this application really highlights the design of the American pattern.  As with most vintage shakers with decades of use, the tops would often become iodized and their finish worn down to their bare metal.  Since the metal bands on these shakers were pristine and full of shine, I inquired about their finish.

“When we obtained these tops, the original plating was almost completely gone.  We had them replated with nickel.”
– Dennis and Pat Early

The Early’s have a large Fostoria American collection; however, they only have one of these shakers.  They purchased it on eBay years ago, and it was sold singularly – not as a set.  This silver overlay design was not produced at Fostoria Glass for the American pattern; therefore, it is important to note that this treatment was done by a third-party.  By whom, remains a mystery.  We also don’t know if multiples were produced, or if this is a “one-of-a-kind” piece.  Personally, I like a little mystery in my collecting – which makes this piece very intriguing.

Fostoria American Shaker, "W" Top - Silver Overlay Comparison

Photo Credit: Dennis and Pat Early

In this photo, the silver overlay shaker is on the left; a regular Shaker (“W” Top) is on the right.  Both shakers; however, have had their metal bands replated with nickel.  These pieces are a fine example of how you can bring a vintage treasure back to its original luster.  If your vintage tops are in good condition, with the exception of a worn finish, getting them replated might be all that is needed for them to shine like the day they were born.

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Dennis and Pat Early for sharing a piece from their American collection.  If you would like to learn more about this particular style shaker, please refer to this post for size, pictures and details.  Please click the following sponsored link for available Salt and Pepper Shakers on eBay.


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