Fostoria American Tobacco Humidor

Tobacco Humidor

Smoking Accessories

Item Number:  K-01
Height:  7¼”
Production Dates:  Contract piece; no dates available.

Fostoria American Tobacco HumidorFirst and foremost, this item is a “contract” piece.  Fostoria Glass did not sell a Tobacco Humidor to the general public; therefore, it was not featured in Fostoria catalogs or magazines.  The glass portion of the Tobacco Humidor is the base to the Fostoria American Cookie Jar.  The bases were sold to other companies, who in turn, added wooden and/or moisturizing elements.  The end result was a Tobacco Humidor.

A humidor is any container designed to store cigars, cigarettes, or pipe tobacco at the ideal level of humidity – which is usually 68 to 75 percent.  Several of the Tobacco Humidors you see with the Fostoria American cookie jar bottoms had a metal container attached to their wooden top, which contained the clay moistener.  Humidity was often achieved by adding water – preferably distilled.  All humidors needed an airtight seal or cover.  A couple of variations for the Tobacco Humidor can be seen in regards to the woodwork – some offering just a wooden base and cover – while others also included built-in pipe stands.

Smaller “Cigar” Humidors can also be found, which showcased a different glass bottom.  These items were made with a couple different variations to the lid, which were mainly produced in metal.  The smaller Cigar Humidors, like the Tobacco Humidors, were also considered contract pieces.

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