Fostoria American Deep Nappy - 10"

Deep Nappy – 10″


Item Number:  #211-DN
Diameter:  10″
Production Dates:  1934-1980

Out of all the nappy dishes that Fostoria produced in the American pattern, I believe the “deep” nappies are some of the most beautiful.  They make a large and bold statement on the dining table.  This particular nappy stands about 4⅜” tall and has an opening diameter of approximately 10-inches.  There were only two deep nappies made in the American pattern, this 10″ size, and the smaller 8″ Deep Nappy.  Any collector would be more than pleased to have one, or several, in their collection.

In the 1940’s, Fostoria Glass started to refer to this piece as a Salad Bowl.  That being said, the production dates that I have given are in reference to when Fostoria Glass listed this specific item as a “Deep Nappy”.  For many years this item was listed in catalogs and price lists under two different names, with the same exact item number.  This scenario does make it confusing; however, as the original Deep Nappy did not have a foot.  Later versions of this piece did include a bottom ring of glass.  When the “Salad Bowl” was introduced a few years later, it had a slightly different shape – and was footed.  I have added “DN” (Deep Nappy) to this piece’s item number to make it easier for proper identification and research purposes.  During the July 1980 time frame, Fostoria Glass no longer mentioned the 10″ Deep Nappy in their catalogs or price lists.

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