Fostoria American Bitters Bottle & Tube

Bitters Bottle & Tube

Bitters, Cordials, & Decanters

Item Number:  BOT-1
Approximate Size:  5¾” H – 4½ oz.
Production Dates:  1934-1943

For those that collect the American pattern, I feel we are fortunate that the Fostoria Glass Company provided us with a few different liquor items.  The various bottles are gorgeous, and even if one does not consume alcoholic beverages, these wonderfully crafted treasures will bring you pleasure.  The Bitters Bottle is different from the Decanter and Cordial bottle, as it has a “Tube” (a chrome-plated metal top, affixed with a cork on the bottom).  Today, people might refer to this item as having a dasher cork.  The tube allows for the appropriate dash of bitters, providing a precise method of delivery.

Fostoria American Bitters Bottle w/ Label

Contract Piece – Fostoria American Bitters Bottle w/ Label

The American 2056 Bitters Bottle that was sold to the general public did not have a glass label.  The term “label” is referring to those bottles that have a glass name plate moulded within their body.  The labeled bottles, frosted or clear, were contract pieces made for other companies – most notably, the National Silver Deposit Ware Co. of NY.  These contract pieces can be found with different names inscribed on their labels – such as Bitters, Angostura, Brandy, and Orange.  Please remember, though, that the regularly produced Bitters Bottle that was cataloged and sold from Fostoria’s regular production line is the bottle without a glass label (shown in the post’s main photo).

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