Fostoria American Decanter & Stopper

Decanter & Stopper

Bitters, Cordials, & Decanters

Item Number:  400
Approximate Size:  9¼” H – 24 oz.
Production Dates:  1934-1965

The Fostoria American Decanter & Stopper is absolutely gorgeous!  Of all the liquor serving items produced in the 2056 line, this piece is the largest – with a holding capacity of approximately 24 ounces.  Smaller liquor containers were also produced, such as the Cordial and Bitter bottles.  The Decanter & Stopper; however, had the longest production run of them all.

This piece of glass is heavy and durable, with clear spines on each of the four corners of the decanter.  The height measurement given is overall, with the Stopper in place.  The Stopper is a substantial piece of glass, too, and one needs to be careful when inserting and removing it from the Decanter.  I have seen Stoppers range in size from 1½” to 1¾” square.  The Stoppers and the necks of the Decanters can be found in two variations – ground (frosted) or unground (clear).

Decanters with glass labels molded into the bottles were contract pieces.  These were not produced for the general public; hence, they are not shown in the Fostoria American catalogs.  Some of these Decanters were produced for the National Silver Deposit Ware Co., Inc. of New York, which in turn, sold them under their own name and label.  National was very active in the 1920’s – 1950’s with a variety of different products.

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