Description:  Snack Set
Pieces Included:  Plate (with circled rim) and Cup
Pattern:  Whitehall
Colors:  Clear Crystal, Gold, Olive, Riviera Blue

The Snack Sets are an item from the original Whitehall line.  They were very popular in the 1960’s and early 1970’s, being offered in a variety of colors.  The Snack Sets consisted of eight (8) items – 4 Snack Plates and 4 Cups.  Today, many of these items have become separated – due to breakage, etc.  Therefore, it is quite common to see the two different items being offered up for sale separately.

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Whitehall Cup/Saucer Set

Description:  Cup/Saucer SetPieces Included:  Cup and SaucerPattern:  WhitehallColors:  Gold, Olive The Whitehall pattern combined two different items in order to make up their Cup/Saucer Set.  The set always consisted of a Cup and a Saucer.  While it is possible that...

Whitehall Dessert Set

Description:  Dessert SetPieces Included:  Saucer & Sherbet, Saucer & Dessert Nappy, or Salad Plate & Dessert NappyPattern:  WhitehallColors:  Gold, Olive The Whitehall pattern combined different items in order to make up the "Dessert Set".  The set would...

Whitehall Pitcher / Jug

Description: Pitcher / JugHolding Capacity: 64 oz.Pattern: WhitehallColors: Clear Crystal, Amber, Gold, Olive, Riviera Blue This is the first and original Pitcher made in the Whitehall pattern.  It is slightly larger than the second variation, the 51 oz. American...

American Whitehall Individual Salad Bowl

Description:  Individual Salad BowlApproximate Diameter:  5"Pattern:  American WhitehallColors:  Clear Crystal, Peach The Individual Salad Bowl is a smaller version of the bigger 9½" Salad/Fruit Bowl.  The Individual Salad Bowls were usually sold in a set of four...

Whitehall Salad Plate

Description:  Salad PlateApproximate Diameter:  8¾"Pattern:  WhitehallColors:  Clear Crystal, Gold, Olive, Riviera Blue The Salad Plate is from the original Whitehall line and it is a substantial piece of glass.  It is very durable, and the pattern is very crisp and...
Learn the difference between Whitehall and Fostoria American.  This digital PDF file consists of sixty-seven (67) pages, one of which is the Cover Page and an Index.  The report includes photos and details on items produced from the Whitehall lines, and when appropriate … Fostoria American items for comparison value.  It also has information on other Look-Alike pieces from HOMCO, Confections, etc.

Price:  $24.00

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Julie:  Just wanted you to know what a wonderful work your book is.  I’m a new collector and was having a lot of trouble separating Whitehall from FA.  After I study your well-done book a few more times, I don’t think I’ll have any trouble at all.  Thanks.
Donna Cook

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