Description: Pitcher / Jug
Holding Capacity: 64 oz.
Pattern: Whitehall
Colors: Clear Crystal, Amber, Gold, Olive, Riviera Blue

This is the first and original Pitcher made in the Whitehall pattern.  It is slightly larger than the second variation, the 51 oz. American Whitehall Pitcher.  More colors were produced with this original version.

Measurements regarding holding capacity are approximate.  Earlier catalogs list their holding capacity at 65 oz. and later catalogs list it at 64 oz.  Colors can vary in hue – as their shades may range from light intensity to medium or darker tones.

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Whitehall Pitcher - Amber


Whitehall Pitcher - Gold


Whitehall Pitcher - Olive


Whitehall Pitcher - Riviera Blue

Riviera Blue