American Whitehall Pitcher - 51 oz.

American Whitehall Pitcher – 51 oz.

Look-Alikes (NOT produced by Fostoria Glass)

Description: Pitcher
Holding Capacity: 51 oz.
Pattern: American Whitehall
Colors:  Clear Crystal, Peach

The first pitcher produced in the “Whitehall” pattern was the 64 oz. Pitcher (also known as a Jug).  The Whitehall 64 oz. Pitcher was available in clear glass and assorted colors.

The 51 oz. “American Whitehall” Pitcher (pictured here) was the last style pitcher made in the Whitehall line.  It was mainly produced in clear glass; however, it was also made in a Peach color – which was part of the popular American Whitehall Peach Collection.

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