Description:  Cup
Approximate Height:  3″
Pattern:  Whitehall
Colors:  Clear Crystal, Ruby Flashed Rim, Riviera Blue, Gold, and Olive

The Whitehall Cups were originally sold as items in sets.  Cups were part of the 2-Pc. Snack Set, the 2-Pc. Cup/Saucer Set, and the festive Punch Set.  In today’s world; however, you will find that many of the Cups have been separated from their original sets, and are now used as stand-alone pieces.  Of all the sets that included the Cup, the Cup/Saucer Set is the most difficult to find today. The most plentiful set appears to be the 2-Pc. Snack Set, which has an indentation on the Snack Plate to accommodate a Cup.

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Whitehall Cups