Description:  Cup/Saucer Set
Pieces Included:  Cup and Saucer
Pattern:  Whitehall
Colors:  Gold, Olive

The Whitehall pattern combined two different items in order to make up their Cup/Saucer Set.  The set always consisted of a Cup and a Saucer.  While it is possible that this combination might have been offered in clear crystal as well, I have never seen it.  We know that the Cup was offered in clear crystal; however, I have never seen a crystal Saucer – either in a catalog, or in person.  The Cup/Saucer Sets that I have come across were far and few between, and only in the colors specified.

As an eBay Partner, I may be compensated if you make a purchase on eBay.  The following link shows available Cups and/or Saucers on eBay.

Please note:  You probably won’t find many Cup/Saucer Sets (if any at all) through the search results.  What you will find are parts of it – like the Cup, and rarely the Saucers by themselves.  You would need to build your own set if you were not lucky enough to find the sets already packaged together.  Simply modify the eBay search terms to either a Whitehall Cup and/or a Whitehall Saucer in the Pottery/Glass category.

Vintage Dishes | Whitehall Cup/Saucer Set - Olive