Description:  10 oz. Beverage Tumbler (AKA Water)
Approximate Height:  4¼”
Pattern:  Whitehall and American Whitehall
Colors:  Clear Crystal, Amber, Blue, Gold, Olive, Riviera Blue, Ruby Flashed Rim, Smoke Gray, White Milk Glass (very rare)

During their production years, Whitehall referred to these pieces as either their 10 oz. Tumbler, the 10 oz. Beverage, or the 10 oz. Footed Water.  While it is true that the majority of these glasses will have flared rims, they were also produced with a straight rim.  It is these straight-rimmed glasses that look most like the Fostoria American 9 oz. Footed Tumblers

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Vintage Dishes | American Whitehall Beverage - Blue


Vintage Dishes | Whitehall Tumbler/Water - Gold


Vintage Dishes | Whitehall Tumbler/Water - Olive


Vintage Dishes | Whitehall Beverage - Riviera Blue

Riviera Blue

Vintage Dishes | Whitehall Tumbler/Water - Ruby Flashed Rim

Ruby Flashed Rim