Fostoria | American | 20" Torte Plate

Torte Plate ~ 20″ Plate

Plates, Tortes, & Tid Bits

Item Number:  P-05
Diameter:  20″
Production Dates:  1932-1943

Fostoria Glass produced several Torte Plates – all in various sizes.  Unlike the Oval Torte Plates, the regular Torte Plates have a round or circular shape.  Fostoria made four different-sized American Torte Plates over the years – 14″, 18″, 20″, and 24″ (the largest size is considered the rarest, by far).

In general, dimensions on Torte Plates vary – no matter what size you might have.  That is true for any handmade item; however, it is especially true on the Torte Plates.  For example, the Torte Plate that is pictured in this post is actually 21″ in diameter; however, it is classified as the 20″ Torte Plate.  This measurement discrepancy can be confusing; therefore, the best way to judge the size of any Torte Plate is to take two measurements – that of the total plate circumference, and then the measurement of the diameter of the foot.

The 20″ Torte Plate was born in the early 1930’s, being produced through 1943.  It came into existence to replace the larger 24″ Torte Plate, which had to be a very difficult and expensive piece to make if only for it’s mammoth size.  The 24″ Torte was produced for just a few years, clearing the way for the smaller 20″ Torte Plate.

Another characteristic of this Torte Plate that I find amazing is the size of the cubes.  They are enormous.  At the outermost edges, they are 3″ wide … and in the second row below that, they are 2½” wide!  Typically, because of its age and fire polishing, the glass color is usually superb – with great clarity.  It is a beautiful and stunning piece of glass.

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