Item Number:  #693
Production Dates:  1939-1974

The Fostoria American Tea Creamer can be found as a separate item, or as part of the 3-Piece Cream and Sugar Set.  Based on the name and description of this item, its purpose was to be used when serving tea.  Of all the creamers made in the Fostoria American line, the Tea Creamer is the smallest.  It is also the least plentiful in today’s market.

The Tea Creamer is about 2½” tall and has an approximate holding capacity of 2½ ounces.  The Tea Creamer and Sugar pieces did not have as long a production life as their bigger siblings; however, they still were made for an impressive thirty-five years!  Their actual production dates were from 1939-1974.

There is much etiquette involved when it comes to the subject of tea, and numerous types (or styles) of tea parties are known throughout the world.  A Cream Tea, Low Tea, and/or an Afternoon Tea are occasions when having an American Tea Creamer in service would be most proper and fitting.  The Tea Sugar is another companion piece that is necessary for tea parties, which makes it quite easy to understand why Fostoria sold them as a set – complete with a Tray.

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