Fostoria American Glassware - Line #2056

Tea Cream and Sugar Set

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Fostoria | American | Tea Cream and Sugar Set

Two different 3-Piece Cream and Sugar Sets were manufactured throughout the Fostoria years, with the Tea Cream and Sugar Set being introduced last.  Of the two Sets made, the Tea Cream and Sugar Set is the largest.  The Tea Sugar is about 2¾” tall (to the top of the handle).  There is no cover or lid for the Sugar.  The Tea Cream is about 3” tall (to the top of the lip).

The Set included a third item – a Sugar and Cream Tray.  It is approximately 8″ long, measured from handle to handle. The top glass portion of the tray area is smooth, allowing for the Cream and Sugar to sit evenly.  This same tray is used for both the Individual and the Tea Cream and Sugar Sets.

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