Item Number:  SS-10
Height:  1½”
Production Dates:  1925

The Fostoria American Table Salt is a rare item, indeed.  It was only produced circa 1925; therefore, the quantity thereof is extremely limited.  If you find one, expect to pay a higher price for it.  That price, obviously, will vary with the current market and trends.

The Table Salt is approximately 1½” high, with a 2⅜” diameter.  It is the largest open salt receptacle made in the American pattern.  According to custom, the Table Salt would typically be placed on the table.  The host would then retrieve the salt from the Table Salt and serve it into the smaller Individual Salt dishes.  As their names imply, the Table Salt was for the entire table, while the Individual Salts were for each individual guest sitting at the table.

Please click the following sponsored link for available Salt dishes on eBay.  While the Individual Salts are much easier to find – and relatively inexpensive to purchase, the Table Salt is a different kind of treasure.  There are still some out there; however, they are much more difficult to find.

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