Fostoria American Individual Salt

Individual Salt

Shakers & Salt Servers

Item Number:  632
Height:  1”
Production Dates:  1924-1982

The Fostoria American Individual Salt dish is a sweet little piece.  After retrieving the seasoning from a master salt dish (a much larger receptacle), the dinner host would typically fill these Individual Salt dishes and place them at each place setting.  These small glass vessels are sometimes referred to as a salt dipopen salt or salt dish.

The Individual Salts are the smallest salt servers in the Fostoria American pattern.  A larger Table Salt was made around 1925, and it is an extremely rare piece to find.  According to custom, these larger Table Salt receptacles would sit on the table – and from there the salt would be retrieved into the smaller Individual Salt dishes (which are only about 1″ high).

As a convenience, there are little salt spoons that one can buy to use with the Individual Salts, and it proves to be a tidy and elegant way to serve the seasoning.  Salt spoons; however, were not produced by Fostoria Glass for the American pattern.  Any small and/or vintage salt spoon should work nicely.

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