Fostoria American Small Cigar Humidor

Small Cigar Humidor

Smoking Accessories

Item Number:  K-02
Height:  Glass Bottom 4½″ H (approx.)
Production Dates:  Non-Cataloged Item; Dates Not Known

First and foremost this item is a “contract” piece, a non-cataloged item.  Fostoria Glass did not sell cigar humidors to the general public; therefore, it was not featured in Fostoria catalogs.  The glass bottoms (produced by Fostoria) were sold to other companies that furnished the tops.  The third parties then marketed and sold the Cigar Humidors.  Other humidors were offered – such as the Large Cigar Humidor and the Tobacco Humidor.

The tops were made out of a variety of metals, often brass or bronze metal.  The height of the total piece will vary, and this is obviously due to the different styles and designs of the tops that were offered.  Some tops are more intricate than others, with most having a simple metal design with a knob on the top.  The lids of the Small and Large Cigar Humidors can be found in a matched style, such as the one pictured in this post.

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