Fostoria American Salt Shaker No. 1 - HNT

Salt Shaker No. 1 – H.N.T.

Shakers & Salt Servers

Item Number:  SS-01
Height:  3”
Production Dates:  1915-1945

Fostoria | American | Shaker, No. 1, with H.N.T.These straight-sided Shakers, H.N.T. (with Heavy Nickel Tops), are a true favorite of mine.  I particularly like their hefty size, grand appearance, and vintage vibe. When filled with salt or pepper, these sturdy Shakers are not easily prone to tipping over.  Fostoria American Shakers, with the Heavy Nickel Tops, have a height of approximately 3 inches.

This particular style Shaker was one of the first to be showcased in the American pattern.  Some of the old Fostoria catalogs list the Shaker as “No. 1”, dating back to the 1915 era.  It was produced for about 30 years.  The actual height of the Shaker can vary slightly, depending on what type of top came with it. Originally, you had an option in the tops – such as H.N.T. (Heavy Nickel Top), H.S.T. (Heavy Silver Top), “W” Top (Glass Disc, with a Heavy Nickel Band), etc.  Over the years, the availability and composition of the tops changed.

The Fostoria Shakers (with Heavy Nickel Tops) are quite substantial, both in weight and appearance.  The finish on the tops may become worn, flaky, or pitted over the years.  Since salt is highly corrosive, it is advised to empty the Shakers when they are not in use.

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