Fostoria | American | Sandwich Plate - 11½"

Sandwich Plate – 11½”

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Item Number:  #558
Diameter:  11½″
Production Dates:  1915-1974

This is the Fostoria American 11½” Sandwich Plate, and it is the largest Sandwich Plate that was produced in the American pattern. Since it is featured in Fostoria’s 1915 Catalog Supplement, we know that it was produced in 1915 when Fostoria first introduced the American pattern. Three different sized Sandwich Plates were introduced at that time – the 9″, 10½”, and the 11½”.

Fostoria | American | Sandwich Plate - 11½"The 11½” Sandwich Plate had a long life and remained in the American line until approximately 1974.  After Fostoria Glass closed its factory, this piece was never reproduced by the Lancaster Colony Corporation.

An interesting fact about this particular Sandwich Plate is that it is often confused with other items in the Fostoria American line.  Many times it is erroneously sold as a Cake Plate. Even more commonly, it’s often misclassified as a Cracker Plate – the piece that accompanied the Footed Cheese.  Both assumptions are wrong; however, it is easy to understand the confusion since all the pieces are approximately the same size and look almost identical.  The key words being “almost identical”.

There is one physical characteristic that distinguishes the Cracker Plate from the 11½” Sandwich Plate – and that is a raised retainer ring. The true Sandwich Plate does not have a raised retainer ring in the center of the plate; however, the Cracker Plate does.  The retainer ring helps to hold the Footed Cheese in place so that it does not slip around on the Cracker Plate.  Therein lies the difference, and it is an easy one to spot if you know what to look out for.

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