Item Number:  371
Diameter:  11½″
Production Dates:  1938-1970

Fostoria | American | Cracker Plate, with raised retainer ring.Fostoria Glass Company produced an item in their American line that was called the “Cheese and Cracker”.  It consisted of two individual pieces – the Footed Cheese, and the Cracker Plate. When these pieces were produced, you could either buy the two-piece set together – or you could buy the Footed Cheese and/or the Cracker Plate independently of each other.  For this reason, you often see the pieces separated or misidentified.

The Cracker Plate is approximately 11½” in diameter.  The Cracker Plate and the large 11½” Sandwich Plate look very similar; however, they are not the same plate.  Even today, most people don’t know the difference and sell one as the other.  Since the two plates are almost identical in style and size, it is easy to understand the confusion.

Over the years, and especially most recently, I see the Cheese and Cracker set sold with the wrong plate.  Quite often, it is sold with the 11½” Sandwich Plate. The difference between the two plates is that the Cracker Plate has a raised retainer ring in the center; the Sandwich Plate does not.  The retainer ring helps to hold the Footed Cheese in place so that it does not slip around on the plate.  As you can see, the Footed Cheese fits snugly inside the ring on the true Cracker Plate.

For a view of the item that sits on top of the Cracker Plate, please refer to the Footed Cheese.  To see both items together, please refer to the Cheese & Cracker.

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