Item Number:  #211
Diameter:  10”
Production Dates:  1935-1985

(aka 10″ Deep Nappy)

This particular bowl is known by two names.  It first debuted as the 10″ Deep Nappy, and as the years went by, it was simply known as the 10″ Salad Bowl.  It is one of the three items in the American 3-Pc. Salad Set, fitting nicely on the 14″ Torte Plate.  The Salad Bowl is approximately 4⅜” in height, and about 10″ in diameter.

Fostoria produced many bowls in the American pattern.  Some of the pieces were also called “nappy” dishes.  A nappy is usually a round dish, with a flat bottom and sloping sides, and used primarily for serving food.  A variety of Fostoria’s bowls and/or nappies were either footed, shallow, high, deep, flared, handled, etc.

American Whitehall also made a similar bowl, which they called a “Salad/Fruit Bowl”. They did not produce nearly as many bowl designs as Fostoria did; however, their Salad/Fruit Bowl is strikingly similar to the Fostoria 10″ Salad Bowl.  The differences between the two is noted and pictured in my premium Whitehall PDF Report.

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