Fostoria American Deep Nappy - 8"

Deep Nappy – 8″


Item Number:  #522
Diameter:  8″
Production Dates:  1915-1959

Out of all the nappy dishes that Fostoria produced in the American pattern, I believe the “deep” nappies are some of the most beautiful.  Their depth and size make a striking statement.  There were only two deep nappies made in the American pattern, this 8″ size, and the larger 10″ Deep Nappy.  They are quite lovely, and any collector would be more than pleased to have one in their collection.

The 8″ Deep Nappy is another pioneering piece in the 2056 line.  Debuting in 1915, it was in production for approximately forty-four years.  When compared to other flared or regular-sized American nappies, they were more expensive to buy.  The 8″ Deep Nappy cost $2.00 in 1915, which is equivalent to about $51.80 today!  When looking for deep nappies in today’s market, know that they are worthy of a few extra dollars.

One thing worth pointing out is that the original and older nappies have a ground bottom.  In other words, they were not footed.  Newer pieces were footed, and may be slightly taller than the 4¾” height.  (The footed 8″ Deep Nappy is shown in this post.)  Sizes are always approximate, and both of mine (footed and unfooted) are about the same size – with only a ⅛” height difference between them.

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