Plates, Platters & Trays

This category includes a variety of Plates, Platters & Trays.  Tortes, which are considered plates, are also listed.  Some items might be listed in two different categories, depending on how Fostoria Glass Company described the item.  For example, the Footed Cake “Plate” will be under the Plates category, as well as the Cake Stands and Salvers category.

There are three rare items which are not pictured in the gallery below.  They are the 24” Torte Plate, the small 4¼” x 3¼” Oval Pin Tray, and the 8” Water Cress Plate.  More information on them is still needed, and those details will need to be documented and verified by official records before I will add them to the gallery.

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Bread and Butter Plate

Candy Tray

Condiment Tray
(aka Cloverleaf)

Cracker Plate

Cream Soup Plate

Crescent Salad Plate

Dinner Plate

E. DeLue & Co Plate

Finger Bowl Plate

Footed Cake Plate

Handled Cake Plate

Handled Cake Tray
(Metal Handle)

Handled Lunch Tray

Handled Muffin Tray

Handled Oval Pin Tray – 6″

Handled Utility Tray

Ice Cream

Ice Tea Plate

Individual Shaker Tray

Mayonnaise Plate

Oblong Pin Tray

Oblong Tray – 10½”

Oval Comb & Brush Tray – 10″

Oval Ice Cream Tray

Oval Pin Tray

Oval Platter – 10½”

Oval Platter – 12″

Oval Torte Plate

Round Tray

Salad Plate – 7″

Salad Plate – 8½”

Sandwich Plate – 9″

Sandwich Plate – 10½”

Sandwich Plate – 11½”

Sauce Boat Plate


Small Ice Tub Plate

Square Tray – 10″

Sugar and Cream Tray

Syrup Plate

Tid Bit Set
(Metal Handle)

Torte Plate – 14″

Torte Plate – 18″

Torte Plate – 20″

Identification & Reference Books

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