Item Number:  479
Diameter:  7″
Production Dates:  1934-1973

The Mayonnaise Plate is actually an underplate, and it came in a couple of variations.  Fostoria produced different Mayonnaise pieces, and this particular plate is specifically for the flat-bottom Mayonnaise – not the Footed Mayonnaise.  When Fostoria Glass was in business, you could buy the Mayonnaise, Plate and Ladle as a set – or you could simply buy the pieces individually.  Therefore, if you should find a Mayonnaise today (without the Plate), that does not necessarily mean it is not complete.  The original owner might have purchased or received the item just as is. The Mayonnaise Plate remains a beautiful and nice option; however, it’s certainly not a necessary item in order to serve mayonnaise.

Fostoria | American | Mayonnaise Plate - Retainer Ring

Raised Retainer Ring Version

The underplates that were used for the Mayonnaise and the Cream Soups are the same plate.  Respectively, they were simply called the Mayonnaise Plate and the Cream Soup Plate.  The plates are described as being 7″ in size; however, my own personal pieces are closer to 7½” in size. Please remember that these pieces were finished by hand, and slight variations in size are to be expected.

Even though the same underplate was used for both pieces, there were two variations produced over the years.  In order to keep the two dishes from sliding around on the plates, one version of the plates has a raised retainer ring in the center.  The second variation does not have a raised retainer ring; rather, it has a slight depression in the center of the plate.

The underplates were discontinued in the early 1970’s.  The Mayonnaise Plate definitely adds a finishing touch when paired with the flat-bottom Mayonnaise – and when topped with a glass ladle, they make for a beautiful (and very functional) serving piece.

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