Fostoria American Glassware - Line #2056

Individual Shaker Tray

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Fostoria | American | Individual Shaker Tray

Description:  Individual Shaker Tray
Item Number:  #659
Length:  4″
Production Dates:  1938-1943 … 1947-1973

Without a doubt, this is one of the smallest (and cutest) trays in the entire American pattern. While the Individual Shaker Tray is one of three items that was used in the 3-Piece Individual Shaker Set, it was also available for purchase as a separate item.  The Shaker Tray fits the square Individual Shakers with Fostoria Glass Tops and the Individual Shakers with Silver Tops.

The Individual Shaker Trays came into production around 1938, and were first introduced with the Individual Shakers with Fostoria Glass Tops.  They were produced from approximately 1938 – 1943.  They came back into production around 1947, and were later paired with the Individual Shakers with the Silver Tops.  Many years later, the Trays were discontinued.  Fostoria Glass; however, continued to produce the Shakers (without the Trays) through 1982.

Fostoria | American | Individual Shaker Tray with Individual ShakersThe Individual Shaker Trays are precious.  With a petite size of approximately 4″ in length (from handle to handle), they are only about 1½” in width.  They have two compartments, with a slightly raised partition in the center, that holds the Individual Shakers neatly in place.

If you are interested in learning more about current availability and pricing for this piece, please click the following sponsored link for available Salt and Pepper Trays on eBay.  The Trays are harder to find by themselves, and are most often sold as part of the 3-Piece Individual Shaker Set.

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