Fostoria American Glassware - Line #2056

Individual Cream and Sugar Set

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Fostoria | American | Individual Cream, Sugar & Tray

Two different Cream and Sugar Sets were manufactured throughout the Fostoria years, with the Individual Cream and Sugar Set being produced first.  In fact, it is one of the original items that debuted in the 1915 launch of the Fostoria American pattern.  The Tea Cream and Sugar Set (including the Tray) was produced several years later.

The following measurements are approximate, as each item was handmade and can vary slightly.  The Individual Sugar is about 2½” tall, and it does not include a cover or lid.  The Individual Cream is about 3″ tall and has a holding capacity of approximately 4 ounces.  The Set included a third item, a Sugar and Cream Tray, and it has a measurement of approximately 8″ from handle to handle.  The same Tray was used for both the Individual and Tea-sized Cream and Sugar Sets.

As mentioned earlier, the Individual Cream and Sugar was first introduced in 1915.  These two pieces were continuously produced until 1982, which is a remarkable benchmark.  The 8″ Tray was not introduced until 1938; however, it also remained in production until 1982.

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