Fostoria | American | Handled Oval Pin Tray - 6"

Handled Oval Pin Tray – 6″

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Item Number:  #T-03
Length:  6″
Production Dates:  1915-1943

The Fostoria Glass Company made more than one Oval Pin Tray.  Each one is different in design, as well as in their size dimensions.  The Handled Oval Pin Tray was featured in Fostoria’s 1915 Catalog Supplement, which originally debuted the American pattern.  Two trays were introduced at that time, the Oval Comb & Brush Tray and the 6″ Handled Oval Pin Tray.

Both trays are very similar in design; however, the Oval Comb and Brush Tray is the largest – approximately 10″ in length.  The Handled Oval Pin Tray is approximately 3″ wide and is actually about 6¾” in length, if measured from handle to handle.  Fostoria simply named this piece the 6-Inch Oval Pin Tray.  Another Oval Pin Tray (different design) was produced later; hence, I call the item featured in this post the “Handled” Oval Pin Tray to distinguish between the two pieces.  The other version is more rare, void of any handle, and can be seen here.

Production dates on this piece are estimates, based on my research and catalog verification.  There are some authors on Fostoria American that have the production dates wrong on this item, but only by a few years.  Without a doubt, we know that the Handled Oval Pin Tray was featured in the 1915 Catalog Supplement.  Therefore, we know it came into production in 1915 and was produced until approximately 1943.

The Oval Pin Trays are not common items – certainly not something you typically find while treasure hunting.  When I do find these pieces, I make sure to rescue them right away!  The sides of the tray are clear glass, with the cube design on the bottom.  Unfortunately, many times you will find the inner rims nicked or slightly damaged due to wear and tear over the years.  I find this piece to be truly unique, and it can be used for a multitude of purposes – even today.

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