Fostoria American Cigarette Box and Cover

Cigarette Box and Cover

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Item Number:  #374
Approximate Size: 
4¾” L – 3½” W – 2″ H
Production Dates: 

The Cigarette Box & Cover is really a stunning piece of glass.  Even though many of us don’t smoke today, there was a time in our history when it was quite the popular thing to do.  Look at any old Hollywood movie, and it seems everyone was smoking.  I believe Fostoria Glass would have been amiss if they had not produced a cigarette holder for smokers, as it was quite in vogue at the time this piece was born.  Decades later, this glass box is still a stunner – and it makes for a beautiful addition to any room.  Ladies love to use them today for holding jewelry, pearls, or other special treasures.  This box can really be used for anything, as there is nothing in the design that shows it was initially used for cigarettes.

The Cigarette Box and Cover is about 2″ high, 4¾” in length, and 3½” in width.  It consists of two separate pieces, the box and the cover.  While this item was originally sold separately, it was also one of the items in the 5-Piece Smoker Set. The Smoker Set consisted of one Cigarette Box and Cover and four Square Ash Trays.  Smoker Sets were often set out on tables when entertaining guests, and were often seen accompanied by other American items – such as the Decanters and Ice Tubs.

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