Fostoria American Cigarette Box and Cover

Cigarette Box and Cover

Smoking Accessories

Item Number:  #374
Height:  2″
Production Dates:  1934-1958

The Cigarette Box and Cover is definitely one of the prettiest “smoking accessories” in the American pattern.  Even though many people don’t smoke these days, the Cigarette Box and Cover can still be used for a variety of other purposes.  When gazing upon this item, most folks don’t automatically assume its sole purpose is to hold cigarettes.  They don’t rightly care; they just know it is a beautiful box and cover – just waiting to hold their treasures!

The Cigarette Box and Cover is about 2″ high, 4¾” in length, and 3½” in width.  It consists of two separate pieces, the box and the cover.  While this item was originally sold separately, it was also one of the items in the 5-Piece Smoker Set. The Smoker Set consisted of one Cigarette Box and Cover and four Square Ash Trays.  Smoker Sets were often set out on tables when entertaining guests, and were often seen accompanied by other American items – such as the Decanters and Ice Tubs.

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