Fostoria | American | Finger Bowl Plate

Finger Bowl Plate

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Item Number:  #P-02
Diameter:  6½″
Production Dates:  1915-1943

The Fostoria American Finger Bowl Plate served as an underplate for the Finger Bowl.  Many people today have never heard of using such a bowl or plate; however, in bygone years it was a custom that was used just prior to serving the dessert course.  The original Finger Bowl Plate is featured in the 1915 Catalog Supplement, which is when it was first produced.

It has been published in one book on Fostoria American that two versions of the Finger Bowl Plate were produced – the old version that has a smooth edge (pictured in this post), and a newer version which has a serrated edge.  Based on my research, I can not verify that statement.  Searching through official Fostoria documentation and catalogs, I have not been able to document where Fostoria Glass used any other underplate for the Finger Bowl other than the one shown in this post.  The “newer” version that some people refer to is simply an Ice Tea Plate.

Fostoria | American | Finger Bowl Plate - Center Design

Finger Bowl sitting upon a Finger Bowl Plate. Both pieces came from the same mould, so their center design is a mirror image of one another.

The Finger Bowl Plate is easy to recognize if you look for three things – the edges, the center design, and the size.  Being approximately 6½” in diameter, there is one distinguishing factor that I think is most important – the mould from which it came from.

The Finger Bowl Plates were made from the same mould as the Finger Bowl.  The Finger Bowl Plate is a flattened out Finger Bowl.  Why is that important?  Because, if you were to set the Finger Bowl on an authentic Finger Bowl Plate … and look straight down upon it, you would see the exact same center design mirrored against each other.  The next time you are in the market to buy a Finger Bowl and Plate – simply take a look at their center design and see if they match up.  If they do, you’re in luck!  Many times; however, the Finger Bowls are sold with other plates – like the Saucer or the Bread and Butter Plates.  Educate yourself and learn the differences.

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