Fostoria American Cream Soup

Cream Soup


Item Number:  669
Diameter:  5”
Production Dates:  1938-1958

Fostoria American Cream Soup - Tomato BasilThe Cream Soup is one of the most elegant pieces of the American 2056 line.  It has an outward flowing shape, with a graceful handle placed on each side.  The actual bowl diameter is approximately 5″, and it stands about 2¼” high.  While this piece is beautiful enough to be served solo, it is often seen paired with the Cream Soup Plate.

When the two pieces are used together, they make for a beautiful presentation.  There are two variations of the Cream Soup Plate, and both versions aid in keeping the Cream Soup stationary.  The center of the plates will either have a raised retainer ring, or a slight depression in which to hold the Cream Soup.

Ina Garten has published a book full of delicious recipes for comfort food – including a Creamy Tomato Bisque, which is perfect to serve in these bowls.  Her recipe book is called “Modern Comfort Food: A Barefoot Contessa Cookbook“.  Bright and colorful soups look so beautiful in these dishes, deliciously enhanced by the clear crystal that holds them.

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