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Item Number:  661
Dimensions:  4½” H
Production Dates:  1978-1982

The Cheese/Sugar Shaker did not have a long life, so the details pertaining to this item are pretty straight-forward.  It came to life from popular demand.  There was an earlier Sugar Shaker that was produced when the American pattern debuted in 1915; however, it had a heavy metal top and was only produced for about ten years.  The American pattern pressed on for another fifty years without a similar shaker, so the Cheese/Sugar Shaker was a welcome addition when it was offered in 1978.

Fostoria Glass described this item as the “Cheese/Sugar Shaker”.  The glass piece, whether you use it as a Cheese Shaker or a Sugar Shaker, is the same identical item.  Fostoria designated only one item number to this piece – not two.  They did; however, offer two different chrome tops that could go with it – a cheese top and a sugar top.  The sugar top has fifteen (15) round holes; the cheese top has eleven (11) larger round holes.

I have found many discrepancies among authors and publications regarding production dates, item numbers, and even its size.  I have measured my own personal items and the height of the piece is approximately 4½”, with the top on.  The bottom diameter of the glass is about 3″, with an approximate interior neck opening of 1½-inches.  The Cheese/Sugar Shakers will not have a ground neck.

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