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Item Number:  #639
Diameter:  10½″
Production Dates:  1978-1983

This Fostoria Cake Stand was the last type of cake server that the American pattern produced. Though there are published books that state this piece was first produced in 1979, I would disagree.  I have an Eastern Price List Supplement from Fostoria Glass Company, dated 1/1/1978, and it states that the “Cake Stand” was added to the American Pattern at that time.   It was a new addition that was added to their catalog, along with another new item – the Cheese/Sugar Shaker.  Both items were added due to popular request.

While the bigger cake servers in the American pattern had official names such as “Salver”, Fostoria Glass Company simply called this piece a “Cake Stand”.  It is approximately 10½” in diameter, and about 4″ high.  Though not as big as it’s siblings, it is still a beautiful and elegant cake server.

Fostoria | American | Cake Stand | This was the latest version of cake servers that Fostoria made in the American pattern.While this Cake Stand was produced in the latter part of Fostoria’s reign, as such – it had a shorter production life. This could very well account for one reason, out of many, why it still commands a good price when it is re-sold to a new buyer.  It is slightly lighter in weight (though still heavy) than the Round and Square Salvers, and it bears a different design on the plate’s edge.  The edges flow upward, with graceful curves or points.  Another difference worth pointing out is that this piece does not have an indentation (or “well”) in the center glass.

The Fostoria American Cake stand is definitely a beautiful and wonderful piece, and would be a lovely asset to have in your American collection.

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