Fostoria American Glassware - Line #2056

Aqua Milk Glass Bud Vase

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Fostoria | American | Aqua Milk Glass | 6" Flared Bud Vase

The Fostoria American pattern produced pieces in the Aqua Milk Glass color for a couple of years – from approximately 1957 through 1959. Only a few pieces in the American line (#2056) were made in this color, and the 6″ Flared Bud Vase was one of the lucky few. Aqua Milk Glass pieces are gorgeous, with soft color – consisting of both green and blue hues.

Other milk glass colors were also produced by Fostoria – such as Peach, White, Gold, Jadeite, and Black.  The Gold and Jadeite pieces are probably the rarest to find, while the White Milk Glass pieces are some of the easiest to locate – even today.  Aqua Milk Glass is not easy to find; however, it is not the rarest of milk glass colors.

The 6″ Flared Bud Vase was primarily made in clear crystal; however, they were also produced in an assortment of milk glass colors – such as Aqua, White and Peach.

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