Fostoria American 3-Toed Tricorne

3-Toed Tricorne


Item Number:  #M-01
Approximate Size:  6½” W – 3¼” H
Production Dates:  1940-1944

The small and petite 3-Toed Tricorne; it is an item we don’t really hear (or see) a lot about.  Why is that?  It seems to always be overshadowed by its bigger sibling, the 3-Cornered Centerpiece.  Thus, I think it is important to focus the spotlight on the 3-Toed Tricorne.  It is way overdue.

I think the first thing I should mention is its official name and description.  Rarely do people call it by its proper name.  Even some book authors don’t call it by its proper name, which has only led to more confusion.  It was never described as a centerpiece by Fostoria Glass, for it is too small in size.  Fostoria described this piece as a “tricorne”, which honestly, is a most perfect description.  It means “having three horns or hornlike projections; three-cornered”.  So let’s be clear; this item is not a centerpiece – it’s a tricorne.  (Fostoria first spelled tricorne as I have done in this post, and then later revised the spelling to “tri-corne”.)

The 3-Toed Tricorne is an intriguing item, because frankly – most people don’t know what to use it for.  In the beginning, when it was first introduced, Fostoria Glass categorized it as a miscellaneous item.  Later, they included it in their nappy category.  It seems even Fostoria Glass was conflicted on how to categorize it, and I think that is the case for most American collectors today.  Is it a service dish, a bowl, a nappy – just what is this small dish?  Truthfully, you can use it for whatever you wish.  I have included it in the miscellaneous section of this website.

Another topic worth mentioning is the true production dates for the 3-Toed Tricorne.  Unfortunately, it seems that most published production dates for this item are severely flawed.  The error is not reflective of a few years; rather, the data is incorrect by decades!  Look at the production dates posted above, for this piece really did not have a long life.  For that reason alone, the 3-Toed Tricorne might be worthy of another look.

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