Fostoria American 3-Toed Bowl

3-Toed Bowl 10″

Bowls & Centerpieces

Item Number:  #222
Diameter:  10½”
Production Dates:  1937-1985

The 3-Toed Bowl, and its different configurations, can be somewhat confusing.  Over the years, it was made in three variations:  unfooted, without lugs – unfooted, with lugs – and footed, with lugs.  Many people today call all 3-Toed Bowls footed, which is incorrect.  All the bowls will have toes; however, only one variation will have a foot.  I have received so many requests for information on this subject that I wrote a brief report on it, titled “What’s the Difference between Footed and Unfooted 3-Toed Bowls?”  It is located in the Premium Section of this website, and should prove to be very helpful for those that might need assistance in determining what variation of the 3-Toed Bowl they own.

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