Fostoria American ½ Gallon Jug

½ Gallon Jug

Jugs & Pitchers

Item Number:  #457
Holding Capacity:  ½ Gallon
Production Dates:  1915-1973

While some folks might call this item a “Boudoir Pitcher”, that would be incorrect.  In fact, when I first started collecting this pattern, I found some of the published names for the jugs and pitchers very confusing.  While some published books describe this jug correctly; others do not.  The ½ Gallon Jug was officially called just that – the ½ Gallon Jug – and it never had anything to do with a Boudoir Set.  It was also called a Jug, and not a Pitcher.  For the most part, Fostoria Glass classified their larger pouring vessels as “Jugs”.  They did; however, produce a smaller “Pitcher” – such as the Pint Cereal Pitcher.

Remember, all of the Fostoria American items were finished by hand, so there will always be slight variances in size.  Based on my own evaluation of the ½ Gallon Jug, these are its approximate measurements:

  • Outside diameter from rim to rim – 5⅞”
  • From bottom to top of lip – 8”
  • Bottom base (or foot) is 4¼” in diameter

The ½ Gallon Jug is very substantial in size, and hefty in weight.  You would be well advised to carry this vessel with two hands, supporting it mainly from the bottom.  It has a nice pouring lip, and a solid and smooth handle – which starts at the very top of the Jug.  It is one of my favorite beverage items, and you will often find it on our table serving iced tea, lemonade, and other assorted beverages.

The ½ Gallon Jug enjoyed a long life, and is still a popular item today.  If you are interested in purchasing similar Jugs and/or Pitchers in the American line, please click the following sponsored link for available Jugs on eBay.

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