Description:  6½ oz. Parfait
Approximate Height:  5¼”
Pattern:  Whitehall
Colors:  Clear Crystal, Amber, Gold, Olive, Riviera Blue, Ruby Flashed Rim, Smoke Gray

The Parfaits are from the original Whitehall line, showcasing the older color options.  This particular glass is tall, with straight sides, making it a perfect vessel for serving a “parfait”.  This type of dessert originated from France, and is most often prepared in tall glasses.  Parfaits are typically made with layers of ingredients.  Root beer floats, and other similar treats, are also very popular to serve in the Whitehall Parfait dishes.

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Vintage Dishes | Whitehall Parfait - Gold


Vintage Dishes | Whitehall Parfait - Olive


Vintage Dishes | Whitehall Parfait - Riviera Blue

Riviera Blue

Vintage Dishes | Whitehall Parfait - Ruby Flashed Rim

Ruby Flashed Rim