Description:  14 oz. Cooler
Approximate Height:  6″
Colors:  Clear Crystal, Amber, Blue, Evergreen, Gold, Olive, Peach, Regal Blue, Riviera Blue, Ruby (very rare), Ruby Flashed Rim, Smoke Gray, Spruce Green, Teal, Yellow Flashed Rim

The Whitehall and/or American Whitehall pattern produced many Coolers over their long production run. They were made in a wide variety of colors – as mentioned above.  Many of these colors are pictured below.  All of their Coolers, no matter when they were made, will have two mould seams.  They can be found in two variations – with slightly flared rims (the oldest) to straight rims (the newest).

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Whitehall Cooler - Blue


Whitehall Cooler - Evergreen


Whitehall Cooler - Gold



Whitehall Cooler - Olive


American Whitehall Cooler - Peach


Whitehall Cooler - Regal Blue

Regal Blue

Whitehall Cooler - Riviera Blue

Riviera Blue

Whitehall Cooler - Ruby Flash Rim

Ruby Flashed Rim

Whitehall Cooler - Spruce Green

Spruce Green

American Whitehall Cooler - Teal