Voluspa Textured Glass Candles

Voluspa Textured Glass Candles

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I have always enjoyed treasure hunting, especially for items that I could use in combination with my Fostoria American pieces.  Sometimes the items I purchase will have a cube pattern; other times they will not.  I usually don’t have a plan of what to buy when shopping.  I relax in the fact that if I find something I love … I know that it will usually come home with me.

During a recent search, I stumbled across a beautiful set of scented candles by Voluspa.  When I first saw them, I was taken aback by their cube pattern.  It looks remarkably similar to the American pattern, only on a much smaller scale.  I was attracted to all their colors and scents, and quickly imagined them lighting up my home in a soft glow – and scenting my bedroom and bath with the lovely scent of roses!

Voluspa Candles | Rose Petal Ice Cream

Pictured above is a pink-colored container, scented in Rose Petal Ice Cream.  I have the candle’s label turned to the back so you can get a better look at the actual cube pattern on the glass.  Below is a listing of the variety of colors and candle scents available:

Bergamot Rose
Milk Rose
Rose Colored Glasses
Rose Otto
Rose Petal Ice Cream

I was especially drawn to the small 1.8 oz. candles, so I purchased one in every scent.  They offered such elegant and petite containers, complete with a matching lid.  Once the candle has been completely used, it will be wonderful to reuse them for other items – such as jewelry, trinkets, or flowers,  My favorite scent at the moment is the Bergamot Rose candle, as its color pairs nicely with my vintage Autumn Glow Luster Creamer.  I was absolutely astonished at how well these pieces looked together.  All the colors of the candles seem to match at least one piece of my Fostoria American collection!

Bigger glass candles are also available, some with double-wicks.  Let’s not forget … the candles smell wonderful, and are made from fragrant coconut wax.  They also coordinate very nicely with some of our beloved Fostoria American treasures. ♥

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