Item Number:  P-04
Diameter:  6″
Production Dates:  1938-1944

Fostoria | American | Syrup, Cover, and PlateThe Syrup Plate is the underplate that you usually see paired with the Syrup and Cover.  When it was featured in the Fostoria Glass catalogs, they showed the three items together – with a description of “Syrup and Cover and Plate”.  The plate diameter is approximately 6-inches, based on Fostoria’s own catalog descriptions and my personal measuring of the piece.  The Syrup Plate was actually made from the 6-inch Bread and Butter Plate.  Because these two plates looks so much alike, the Syrup Plates were often thrown in the Bread and Butter grouping and forgotten about.  The difference between them is faint, making it difficult at times to tell them apart.

The main difference between the two pieces is that the Syrup Plate will “usually” have taller side edges and a slightly deeper indentation in the center of the plate than the Bread and Butter.  That being said, it is not always the case.  Pieces that I personally own, and that I have witnessed at Glass Shows, will usually have sides that go slightly up from the center of the plate. This design creates a slight well for the Syrup to sit in, keeping the vessel more secure.

As an eBay Partner, I may be compensated if you make a purchase on eBay.  The following link shows available Syrups on eBay.  The Syrups are not a common item, so the search results will not be as plentiful as other pieces in the American line.  Some sellers sell the Syrup, Cover, and Plate together (if they’re lucky enough to have them), and some will sell the individual items separately.  Therefore, you might need to modify your search criteria accordingly.

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