Fostoria American 7" Shallow Nappy

Shallow Nappy – 7″


Item Number:  #SN-07
Approximate Size:  7″ D – 1¾” H
Production Dates:  1915-1928

The Shallow Nappies look slightly different from all the other nappy dishes in the American pattern, simply because they are shallow – and without great depth.  I think Fostoria Glass must have thought so, too, because they did not picture the Shallow Nappy with the other nappy dishes when they debuted and cataloged the pattern in 1915.  It was pictured and grouped with the Fruit Bowl (aka Tom & Jerry), the Comport, and the Sandwich Plates.  Fruit (stewed, fresh, canned, or preserved) was very much in favor in 1915.  Many people enjoyed their fruit served in similar shallow dishes, and it just seems logical that Fostoria Glass would have featured an appropriate serving dish to go with their Fruit Bowl.

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