Fostoria American Salt Shaker No. 2 - F.G.T.

Salt Shaker – F.G.T.

Salts & Salt Shakers, Serveware

Item Number:  #SS-05
Height:  3¼”
Production Dates:  1934-1940

There were several different types of Salt and Pepper Shakers made in the Fostoria American line.  Not only were the designs different, but the tops and sizes were as well.  Fostoria Glass Company called this particular item a “Shaker, F.G.T.” and it was the last regular-sized salt shaker that was made with glass tops in the American line.  F.G.T. = Fostoria Glass Top. The Shaker is tapered, with a height of approximately 3⅛ – 3¼ inches.

Fostoria | American | Shakers, FGTOver the years I have found that it is still relatively easy to find these Shakers; however, finding them with the glass tops still attached (and in good condition) is a bit more difficult.  Many times the glass tops will be cracked, broken or in ill repair.  Since the tops are made of glass, they are easier to break … and this often happened because people simply screwed the tops on too tightly. One has to be careful when dealing with glass tops, because too much pressure will eventually crack or break the glass.

The Fostoria Shakers with glass tops have a look of sophistication to them, especially when compared to the ones that have chrome tops.  The finish on the chrome or silver-plated tops can become worn or flaky over the years.

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