Fostoria American Shaker, Chrome Top "A"

Shaker No. 2, Chrome Top “A”

Shakers & Salt Servers

Item Number:  653-649
Height:  3½”
Production Dates:  1949-1985

Fostoria | American | Shaker - Chrome Top "A"There were several different types of Salt and Pepper Shakers made in the Fostoria American line.  This particular Shaker, with Chrome Top “A”, was a popular guest on the dinner table for many years.  Tapered in design, it has a height of approximately 3½ inches. The shakers were produced with different types of tops over the years, and Chrome Top “A” was the last variation made.

In regards to the silver and chrome type tops, the silver tops (“A”) were the first to be introduced.  They remained in production for just a few years.  When the 1950’s came around, the silver tops were replaced with the chrome version.

With heavy years of use, in combination with the salt corrosion factor, the finish on the tops can become worn or flaky.  When the salt shakers are not in use, the best practice is to empty the salt from the vessel.  By doing so, you can help prevent the glass from becoming cloudy, and assist in preserving the top’s chrome finish.

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