Fostoria American Peach Milk Glass Bud Vase

Peach Milk Glass Bud Vase

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Fostoria American Bud Vases - Peach and AquaThe Fostoria Glass Company was very proud of their milk glass, and they made their pieces by hand … just like antique originals.  The American Bud Vases that were produced in milk glass have a soft and mellow look to them.  Peach milk glass specimens are quite beautiful, consisting of fine quality and a porcelain-like finish.

The Fostoria American 6″ Flared Bud Vase was primarily made in clear crystal; however, they were also produced in a small assortment of milk glass colors – such as Aqua, White and Peach.  While there are certainly one-of-a-kinds, whimsies, and/or sample pieces in existence, the most commonly produced American milk glass items are the following:

Footed Bud Vase, Flared – 6″
Footed Bud Vase, Flared – 8½”
Square Footed Vase – 9″
Topper Ash Tray
Topper – 2½”
Topper – 3″
Topper – 4″
Wedding Bowl and Cover

White milk glass pieces are the easiest to locate, as they were produced for a longer period of time. The Peach and Aqua colors are a bit more difficult to find, as they were only produced from 1957 through 1959.

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