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Flared Vase – 9½”

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Fostoria | American | Vase | Flared | 9½ Inch

The 9½” Flared Vase is absolutely one of my most treasured pieces in the Fostoria American line.  It is large, with a solid base, and glistens from head to toe!  This website picture simply can’t show the brilliant polish, amazing clearness, and glowing beauty of this American piece.  Even though the Flared Vase was produced for a short period of time, it has managed to leave a big impact on anyone who beholds it.

Produced from approximately 1937-1944, it was described by Fostoria Glass as a “Flared” Vase.  Even so, some authors and/or collectors refer to it as a “Swung” Vase.  It stands about 9½” tall; however, the height measurement can vary slightly.  My personal piece is 9¼” tall.

Fostoria | American | Flared Vase - 9½" | Large and gorgeous vase, with a beautifully scaled cubed design.

The opening of the vase is large, with a width of about 7½”.  This is one vessel that will obviously hold a very large floral arrangement without any difficulty, and look quite fabulous doing so. The base is just as stunning in appearance as it is functional.

The 9½” Flared Vase has large proportions; therefore, it has a different range of cube sizes throughout its design.  The larger scaled cubes are noticed near the top (where it is larger) and then as the vase tapers in size – so does the size of the cubes.

Since this particular vase was only produced for a few years, it is certainly more scarce to find in the aftermarket.  You can find them – just realize they are a harder gem to locate.  Please click the following affiliate link if you are interested in searching for available Vases on eBay.  Keep in mind that if you are looking for the 9½” Flared Vase, you should also search for “Swung” vases as well – as some people might have it described as such.  Happy Hunting!

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