Fostoria American Finger Bowl

Finger Bowl

Bowls, Serveware

Item Number:  #B-01
Diameter:  4½″
Production Dates:  1915-1943

Once a tradition among those with well-mannered dinner guests, the use of a finger bowl soon began to fade after World War I – mainly due to government rationing orders.  To properly use a finger bowl, gently dip all five of your finger tips (of one hand) into the water at the same time.  With a napkin, dry your hand off as discretely as possible.  Repeat with the other hand.  Once finished, set the finger bowl to the top left of your dinner plate (near the bread plate).

These little glass bowls were usually served to dinner guests after the main dinner course, prior to dessert.  Even though the use of finger bowls is not a wildly practiced custom today, they still would add an elegant touch to a formal dinner party.  For alternative uses in modern times, we have found they make great serving dishes for sauces – and even condiments, such as olives, etc.

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