Item Number:  #680
Height:  4¼″
Production Dates:  1915-1982

The Fostoria American Cream is the largest of the three tabletop creamers.  It is another pioneering piece in the American line.  It debuted in the 1915 Catalog Supplement that first introduced the American pattern, and it was actually offered in a 4-Pc. Tea Set.  The four pieces included the Cream, a Sugar & Cover, a round Butter & Cover, and the Spoon (aka Spooner).  A customer could buy the individual pieces separately, or as a set.

American Whitehall versus Fostoria American Creamer

American Whitehall (on the left). Fostoria American (on the right).

The American Whitehall pattern did produce a Creamer that is very similar to the Fostoria American piece.  As seen in this picture, one defining difference between these two items is the placement of their respective handles.  The Fostoria handle starts at the very top rim of the Cream. The American Whitehall handle; however, starts about ½” below the top rim.

To help distinguish between the two, the Fostoria American Cream is larger – both in size and holding capacity.  The FA Cream is about 4¼″ tall and has a holding capacity of approximately 9½ ounces.  The AW look-alike Cream Pitcher is about 4″ tall, with a holding capacity of 7½ ounces.

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